Laster hjemmeside
Mine Videoer
Religion is an addiction and God's an hallucination. Streets Like a dope's hideous.People dying of starvation while others waste money for fictionous teachings.




Satan Says leave this alone!
Layout and Coding by Sinnr

Get away from me, I ain't got no Sympathy.
Since I lost my sanity, I ain't got no empathy.
Potlically term is insanity, put playing with others feelings like its intentionally.
Dramatically in terms is pain is just Beauty.
If pain is Beauty then I must be gorgeous.
With these lies choking me out like a guillotine.
Like veins of a dope fiend...Hideous.
Stains on my name like I'm forsaken one.
I'm not going to be quiet you must have got me Mistaken I've only Awaken.
God forsake me I think I have come undone.
Tattooed my sins to my soul I think I'm about to break.
I have these voices in my head like I'm harley Quinn.
A violent smile like I'm your Joker.
Selling my silent vessel to the demons.
Playing with my soul with Luci like a game of strip poker.
Devil coming back into retail with only people paying him with their profile.
God do you hear the church bells.
I gave him my belief now quiet, quiet, quiet.
Do you here the Rebel's Yells?
He is my savior and your my Knife.
We can sweet talk ,talk ,talk but your Chapel is going to face my riot.
Father please forgive me I think I have Sinned.
I need words to flow through me a casket of thousand knives.
I'm a self-masochist and I think I need you Christ.
I need your displine the self-displine isn't enough.
World is starting an Androcide more like Gendercide.
Your dead in my heart and my eyes.
So i guess this my death note and your first on my list.
So I started a deicide more like a Tyrannicide.
Your dismissed so no more ruling with your foothold and Iron fist.
Lets watch this new world order unfold.
Silence, silence, silence, The humanity is starting an omnicide.
Since you created the human I guess it's Autocide.
Shhhhhhh the show must go on!
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."-Albert Einstein




Lucifer says leave this alone!
Layout and Coding by Sinnr

I'm the eerie piercing laughter in the night-
That finds joy to trick mischief and delight-
I'm the one who expose and manipulate your fears-
I'm the ones who will laugh at those tears-
Messiah of nightmares, Myobu of dreams-
Blissful slumbers, Horrific Screams.

Rocks to gold and leafs to money
Sick and twisted, Sorrows Funny-
Passions Pallet, Red Lust Green Greed
Fulfilled desires - have you all that you need?

Physical touch or Illusionary embrace..?
Whom wears the Mask;
Which is the real face?
When truth nor logic hold to be real-
And hollow confusion is all that you feel-

You thought you had it all, and are left with none-
When the dreams are over and all is done
When reality comes and rears its ugly head
Your left in a cold sweat, laying in your bed

Beware the cries of delight and joy
Mankind to us- is just a mere toy..